In most cases finding an adequate finance structure is fundamental for the successful acquisition of an aircraft.

For aircraft with market value over and above US$ 1 million we can structure international finance solutions, with longer terms and lower rates than offered by local banks.

For aircraft worth less than US$ 1 million we can arrange financing with real guarantees, such as properties and real estate, also with longer terms and lower rates than those offered by commercial banks.

Another good option for clients who do not have the immediate need to acquire an aircraft is the specialized purchase consortiums offer by AirConsult in partnership with large institutions. Payment terms can be as long as 100 months, and there are no interest rate charges, just an administration fee. The letter of credit is issued either by drawing or biddings offered by the buyer.

AirConsult also offers structuring services for “sale/lease back” operations, where the owner can obtain low rate/long term loans using the aircraft as the guarantee.